Onotify is an OCaml binding for the Linux Inotify framework.

This project is a fork of ocaml-inotify, another Inotify OCaml binding initiated by Vincent Hanquez which can be found here.

Yet, Onotify is heavily based on this initial project and I would like to thank Vincent Hanquez for his work.

The essential differences between Onotify and the initial project are :

Current status

Current stable release is 0.6.2, released on 16/10/2010.

You can download the latest tarball here.

Checksums and older versions can be fetched through the OCamlForge project page.

You can browse the latest Onotify API here.


Runtime :

Buildtime :

Supported platforms


Onotify is licensed under the GNU LGPL 2.1 license, with the special exception on linking described in file LICENSE.

Project hosting

Onotify is essentially hosted on OCamlForge, the forge of OCamlCore.

There are two main places where you can obtain informations about Onotify :

Yet, the soure code is hosted on GitHub.

As GitHub lets to suppose, Onotify uses Git as Source Content Management system.

You can clone the Git repository using :

Keep informed about Onotify new releases

You can keep informed about Onotify new releases or major announcements by using the News System on OCamlForge.

Reporting bugs

You can report bugs through the Bug Tracking System on OCamlForge. Before submitting a bug report, please take the time to check if a similar bug report has not previously been posted on the Bug Tracking System.


You can contribute to Onotify by submitting patches on the Patch Tracking System on OCamlForge. Or you can use the devel mailing-list.

Technical support

You can ask for technical support on the Tech. Support System on OCamlForge or on the devel mailing-list.


Ludovic Stordeur <ludovic@okazoo.eu>

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